Children have the right to learn close to home

Solving the rural education crisis requires out-of-the-box thinking

Children in remote villages face daunting odds just to get a basic education. They attend single-room schools often mixed in with students from other grades. Buildings are sometimes unsafe and lead to health problems. Undertrained teachers lack basic supplies like books and pencils. Eventually, parents lose hope, learning is not achieved, and children quit school. Youth take informal sector jobs with no future. Unable to survive on $1/day, many migrate north in search of livelihoods.
We're creating education for the next generation.

Through holistic support and strong communities, students are able to stay and succeed in school as motivated learners

Project Alianza matches students with a community educator from their village who provides literacy instruction and mentorship. Secondary school girls’ families receive support to help cover educational costs, as well as ongoing coaching to navigate hardships and set goals.

Local women lead change 

Alianza upskills women in each village as educators to improve learning and prevent dropouts.

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scholarship students advance to next grade
The peer retention rate is 27%


lives impacted


fourth graders achieve literacy
the regional average is 40-60%
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Sachary is transforming her community

Sachary was pregnant at 15 and unable to attend school. Today, she is a university graduate, a community educator, and an inspiration to countless young girls who started out just like her.
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Marling is breaking barriers

Marling nearly dropped out of school. With the support of her Alianza mentor, she graduated high school and is now in college.