All children can learn. Geography is not destiny.

We transform rural education for today's and tomorrow’s learners.

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More than half of students in Latin America, according to the World Bank, will complete primary school without knowing how to read. Faced with futureless jobs and forced to survive on $1/day, many migrate north to survive.

We're working to change that.


scholarship students advance to next grade
The peer retention rate is 27%


lives impacted


fourth graders achieve literacy
the regional average is 40-60%
Our impact

Creating education for the next generation

In partnership with local villages, Alianza trains and deploys local women as skilled educators and uses digital offline learning content to improve learning and prevent dropouts.

Global ideas, local solutions

Efforts to improve rural education are prone to quick fixes lacking the potential for systemic change. And strategies touted as scalable often overlook local solutions. Alianza merges global and local solutions, leading to transformational change.

Your investment is driving generational change. Here's how:

Students grow into motivated readers and learners

At home and in school children learn foundational skills from trained community educators. Together, these skills jumpstart future, self-motivated learning.
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Girls stay and succeed in school

Students gain cash conditional transfers, a personal mentor, and life skills.
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Students derive resilience from a strong community

Parents and community members form councils to vote on education initiatives and build safe schools.  
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Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

Alianza advances the UN’s global goals for ensuring access to quality education and achieving gender equality.
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Drive change

Every dollar you give equips children with the tools to break cycles of poverty and grow local economies.

Support women

Our team is women-led inside and outside the classroom. Local women are at the forefront of improving education.

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Invest in education

Joining the Schoolhouse is the best way to end the education crisis and support local economies.

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