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Become an Alianza Activist



You can join the fight to end education inequality in Latin America.


Our Activists have done some incredible things for education. What will you do?

We at Project Alianza are firm believers that anyone and everyone is capable of having a positive impact on their world. We’re a women-led initiative that is acting out our positive change by ending the learning crisis in Latin America.

We’re working to build a world where everyone can go to school regardless of gender or where they’re born, and it starts with a group of people who believe everyone can impact their world. It starts with people who believe in lifting others up. It starts with you.


Becoming an Alianza Activist is simple, but your impact is not.

You probably already are an Alianza Activist. You know you have that special x factor if you…

  • Are a passionate leader. You don’t know the meaning of ‘give up’.

  • Believe in working tirelessly to achieve justice and balance.

  • Are a creative and innovative problem-solver.

  • Use your bravery and confidence to empower others.

  • Are looking for opportunities to connect to other change-makers.

  • Truly, actually love to learn, plan to keep on learning your whole life, and are willing to join the fight so others can love to learn too.


Ready to change the world?

This toolkit is the starting point to becoming a successful educational activist on campus. From there, it’s all up to you and your team.