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Coffee is communal. So is education.


Together, we have educated over 2,000 children.

Those are 2,000 kids who have had the chance to fall in love with learning and whose futures now lie beyond the coffee fields.

For every child in the Project Alianza program, we impact four additional community members through employment, opportunity awareness, and by engaging parents. That amounts to positive change through education for over 8,000 coffeelands community members.


Education doesn’t stop in the classroom.

At Project Alianza, we believe that a quality education goes beyond schooling.



100% of our students have access to drinking water, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes at school. Nearly a thousand young people have received deparasite medications, a critical treatment for improving health and attendance among children in poor, rural communities.


Girls Education

We prioritize educating girls because educated women have fewer, healthier children, and are less likely to drop out of school due to early pregnancies. Our curriculum for all populations promotes intergender play and discussion of gender stereotypes, proven methods for increasing gender equality.


Climate Change

In the classroom, we teach children why sustainability is important and how to practice it. We actively combat climate change by building all of our schools with local or recycled materials, employing local community members, and empowering the community to implement sustainability practices at a larger scale.



To cultivate a strong reading habit among our students, we dedicate 80 more hours of reading development than the standard curriculum to put them on par with their urban peers. After only one year in our e-learning program at select schools, 87% of participating first and second graders can read and write short passages at grade level.


Your donation makes a difference.