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Empowered women change the world.

Join a community who believes education promotes gender equality and is the path out of poverty.


Making a quality education more accessible empowers girls like Ava to go to school and mends the gender gap we see in education.

Children in isolated coffee farming communities face many barriers to a good education, and girls have it the hardest. Locked in the poverty cycle, their hands are needed to pick coffee, not to pick up pencils.

By challenging systems and forming alliances with local organizations, we strengthen entire communities.


Let’s keep girls in school.


Giving children a chance
to fall in love with learning.



We build schools and provide educational programs to promote the skills children need to thrive beyond coffee farms. To date over 2000 students have been educated in Project Alianza schools.



We provide financial funding for Project Alianza students who, through each child’s merit and service to their community, have earned the opportunity to go to college.



We believe that a quality education involves more than just schooling. That is why all of our programs and partnerships promote health and gender equality, combat climate change, and serve as a path out of poverty.