For 3 out of 5 children in rural Nicaragua,
primary school is the end of their education.


We are Project Alianza.

Children in the isolated coffeelands of Nicaragua face many barriers to a good education. Their hands are needed to pick coffee, not to pick up pencils. Locked in the poverty cycle, children must work to provide for their families and cannot gain the education they need to break the cycle.

But we believe every child deserves a better tomorrow. Project Alianza forms community alliances to build schools and provide educational opportunities for children. We help connect the people and gather the resources to create safe, quality primary schools and more opportunities.

Our Solution
  • Build Schools

    Children should go to farms every day for school, not work.

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  • Make School Better

    We provide technology, support, and scholarships to ensure long-term success.

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  • Outcomes

    Students in Project Alianza schools get 80 more hours of literacy training than their peers.

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Get Involved
  • Join the alliance to build a better future
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    Be part of the global community that makes education a reality -- one community, one farm, one kid at a time.

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