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Let her learn.

Join us as we work to build a world where all children can go to school regardless of gender or where they’re born.


We believe every child has the right to learn.

In Latin America, where gender inequality prevails, women face systemic discrimination and access to fundamental and higher education. Women continue to receive lower pay for the same jobs done by men.

We believe women are the greatest untapped potential in the region, which is why we invest in and hire women to tackle one of the greatest challenges facing the world today: education inequality. Over 90 percent of our staff is comprised of Central American women leading radical change in their communities.

Every day we are reminded that when women come together, we have the potential to change the world for better.


We rise up when girls learn.


Project Alianza is a women-led initiative to end education inequality in Latin America. Here is how we support children everyday:



We build schools and provide educational programs to promote literacy and skills children need to thrive beyond coffee farms. To date over 2000 students have been educated in Project Alianza schools.



We provide financial funding for Project Alianza students who, through each child’s merit and service to their community, have earned the opportunity to go to attend high school and college.



We believe that a quality education involves more than just schooling. That is why all of our programs and partnerships promote health and gender equality, combat climate change, and serve as a path out of poverty.