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You can give kids access to good schools.


Make School Better

In the coffeelands of Nicaragua, schools struggle to receive the educational resources they need to be successful. And Nicaraguan teachers lack the basic competencies and tools to provide a quality education.

Project Alianza partners with large coffee farms and local teachers to provide quality primary school for rural children. We collaborate with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to implement primary school curriculum and educational activities year round. And we provide teachers with adequate supplies, including books, tablets, and healthy food.



Technology can provide a gateway to empower children to become stronger learners. We facilitate technology classes for children so they can learn to read and write using tablets.



The Katie's Fund scholarship will be awarded annually to one extraordinary student from a Project Alianza-supported school. Selected based on merit and service to their community, this student will receive financial support to attend secondary school and a Nicaraguan university. We also provide scholarship opportunities to teachers so they can continue their professional development.


Health Screenings

Healthy children can more easily take advantage of time in the classroom. We provide health screenings for all of our students and sponsor biannual doctor visits. Teachers receive supplemental food for their classrooms. Our teachers are trained to integrate lessons on nutrition and hygiene skills into primary school curriculum so children can use these practices at home.


Summer Harvest Camps

Some children migrate to large farms during the peak coffee harvest to work, which makes traditional schooling even more difficult. We keep our doors open year round and host a summer harvest camp so these children can experience a structured learning environment.