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Radically transforming education by mobilizing unique partnerships.


We use a community driven approach, collaborating with farmers, communities, and governments to create or rehabilitate public schools.

These partnerships help every donated dollar go that much further in serving the students and their communities.


How We Work



First, we build schools.

We work with communities who have demonstrated a deep commitment to education to build schools in their area. All Project Alianza schools begin with a building that is safe and accessible with toilets, water and access to a kitchen. Through alliances with large estate farms and local partners, we’ve been able to drastically reduce the cost of land and materials.


Then, we provide education.

Our next step is to hire teachers, provide training, and purchase books and supplies. Through our public partnership with Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, we are often able to staff schools or get basic supplies from the government.


And always empower lifelong learning.

Our curriculum was developed by in-country experts to create relevant and elevated education for our students, including: literacy, health and hygiene, environmental sustainability, and gender equality. We’re also piloting innovative and impactful programs like e-learning, and support the ongoing education and advanced degrees of our staff and educators.


Learn more about Project Alianza Partners

Our community of partners help make quality education possible.