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Creating impact beyond the classroom.


Education promotes gender equality and health, combats climate change, and is the path out of poverty.


Our Mission

We believe that all children deserve access to safe and quality schooling regardless of where they are born.

By challenging the systems that prevent resources from reaching remote areas, Project Alianza builds schools and provides educational opportunities to give kids the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty.


Every Child Should Be Able to Go to School

Children in urban Nicaragua watch the same shows, hear the same music, and have similar access to the internet and schooling as many children in United States. But for kids in rural Latin America, these opportunities are dramatically reduced. We work deep within these remote communities to support kids who would otherwise slip through the cracks.


Every Supply Chain Should be Transparent

By design, our mission also enhances social responsibility and transparency within global supply chains. We improve awareness, and as the world becomes more connected and the sourcing of our goods becomes increasingly transparent, Project Alianza is able to promote educational opportunities to those who are vulnerable in our global supply chains.


Because every child deserves an education.

By developing curriculum focused on literacy, health, sustainability, and gender equality we are able to empower students through quality education.