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Katie’s Fund

So there’s no limit to how much kids explore, play, and learn.


Our amiga Katie has traveled the globe with her camera as a human rights advocate and photojournalist.

With each picture, she tells another person’s story and becomes their friend, coming away with a little more love in her heart every time. We admire Katie for so many reasons: her enthusiasm for living life to its fullest, her deep-belly laugh, her gumption, and her overflowing heart. But we really admire Katie because she has never stopped learning. She’s dedicated to learning new ideas, asking critical questions, creating art, and listening to the stories people have to tell.



We all want to be more like Katie.

We want children in Project Alianza schools to have the same enthusiasm for life and learning that makes Katie wonderful.


This scholarship allows kids to live and learn without limitations.

Any student enrolled in a Project Alianza school is eligible for this award. An annual scholarship is awarded to extraordinary students based on merit and service to their community. The recipients are given funding to attend secondary school and any Nicaraguan-based university, as well as a graduation bonus.


You can help kids grow up to be learners, adventurers, leaders, peacemakers, and life-enthusiasts,