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Katie’s Fund



Empowering kids to live and learn without limitations.


By donating to this scholarship, you enable an extraordinary student to attend secondary school and any Nicaraguan-based university.

These are students whose own parents might not have received a second grade education, but through each child’s merit and service to their community, have earned the opportunity to go to college.


Why “Katie’s Fund”?

Katie Basbagill was an enthusiastic life-long learner and passionate advisor to Project Alianza. A human rights advocate and photojournalist who enthusiastically traveled the world, Katie captured the authentic spirit of her subjects by connecting to them as people; by becoming their friend. She was dedicated to learning new ideas, asking critical questions, creating art, and listening to the stories people have to tell.

We honor her memory and commitment to lifelong learning by extending the opportunity of education to recipients from our Project Alianza schools.