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Want to inspire youth? Engage your employees in social corporate responsibility? Encourage women to break the glass ceiling?

As Founder & CEO of Project Alianza, Kristin has hands-on experience building a purpose-driven organization from the ground up. If you would like Kristin to speak at your event, conference, company, or school, please fill out the form below or email us at

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Breaking Through: The Unique Leadership Traits of Powerful Women

Take a moment to think about what makes a leader great. Why do those traits come to mind? Is it because that’s all we’ve ever known? As more and more women disrupt familiar leadership structures, it's time we rethink how we define leadership. Kristin Van Busum will inspire you with her story of how she found an innovative (and obvious) approach to address a well-known problem—inaccessibility of education for children in poor Latin American farming towns—and founded Project Alianza. Her secret? Being pathologically collaborative, up-ending traditional incentives, and becoming a better listener, all while embracing her unique traits that are typically undervalued in leaders. Kristin will inspire you to cultivate your own leadership characteristics and make a bold transformation in the way you see your worth as a leader.

The Story of Project Alianza

During a research fellowship in northern Nicaragua, Kristin’s life was transformed when she encountered a young stranger, Ana, who inspired her to leave the corporate world to start an education nonprofit. Learn from Kristin’s personal journey from Boston to the border of Mexico to backpacking over 40 countries to building an organization that has currently educated over 2500 ‘invisible’ children living on remote coffee farms in Latin America.