The Ripple Effect


What does it mean to be the first graduate in your family? What about being the first graduate in your hometown?

To date, we have educated over 2,000 children. Those are 2,000 kids who have had the chance to fall in love with learning and whose futures now lie beyond the coffee fields.

For every child in the Project Alianza program, we impact four additional community members through employment, opportunity awareness, and by engaging parents. That amounts to positive change through education for over 8,000 coffeelands community members.

But is that enough? There are tens of thousands of children in the coffee growing regions of Central America who are ready to learn. How can we reach them? How can we get schools, teachers, and resources to their remote communities?

In short, we cannot do this without you. We are so grateful for all the supporters who donated to our #GiveFirst campaign and helped us reach our 30K goal! Your donations allow our work to continue into 2019 as they provide the resources for a child to read their first book, attend their first day of school, and even be the first in their family to graduate.

As we continue to look ahead into the New Year and beyond, your advocacy and support for education and equality remain important. Please continue to share Project Alianza’s mission, and consider us for future fundraising events in your own community.

Thank you!

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