#GiveFirst and Help Us Lay the First Bricks in Las Nubes

The town of Las Nubes is in critical need of a new school. Conditions for learning are crowded and unsafe, and so the community approached Project Alianza for help and hope for a new building.

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Local town leaders, parents, and volunteers in Las Nubes are ready to build the first space where their children can safely learn, play, and prepare for a future beyond the fields.

Meet the teacher

“Everybody around here knows me since I was born and grew up here”.


Genaro is from Las Nubes, and grew up without a school nearby. But he persisted, traveling up to 16 kilometers a day to go to school and recently graduated from university. Now Genaro is able to teach students from the same community he grew up in, and is excited to have a classroom that is safe, clean, and equipped with what the kids need to learn and thrive.

When you #GiveFirst, you provide the resources the community of Las Nubes needs to lay that first brick, hang that first blackboard, and take that first step towards a future out of poverty.  Will you make a difference? Will you #GiveFirst?


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