A story of hope...


What can something as simple as a pair of glasses accomplish?

Meet nine year old Illyasova Wilfredo Montenegro Garcia, one of the amazing students at Escuela Santa Enriqueta in La Fundadora, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Illya has struggled with vision impairment all of his life. While his mom was pregnant, she continued to pick coffee, hoping to keep their family afloat on their collective $2 a day income. At this time she was exposed to the harmful chemicals that coffee growers often use in hopes of higher yields.

Without access to an optometrist or glasses, it was impossible to remedy Illya’s situation, and his first years of school were a struggle. Illya fell behind, unable to see the blackboard or his first books.

In 2016, Project Alianza built new classrooms at Illya’s school, and with the help of his teacher and family, we were able to get him to his first doctor’s appointment. Illya was immediately diagnosed and given his first pair of glasses.

Each year, Project Alianza sponsors Illya’s optometry visits, and today he can read, write, and has successfully passed second grade after two years of not being able to read. All thanks to Illya’s determination, his family’s support, and something as simple as a doctor’s visit and a pair of glasses.

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