A Pencil, a Notebook, a Tablet and a Child’s First Steps Out of Poverty

Use your imagination. Imagine everything that something as simple as an elementary school notebook can possibly hold -- ideas, doodles, lists, stories, your first signature over and over until it’s perfect. Now imagine being a young child without access to something as simple as a notebook or a pencil or a classroom.

For Leyla, her first notebook has been a space to capture lessons, creativity, and ideas.  It has helped her take her first steps towards lifelong learning. Thanks to the generous donations of Project Alianza supporters, Leyla and her classmates now have their first tools to learn and thrive.

Will you #GiveFirst and help other children in the remote coffeelands of Central America take their first steps into education and out of poverty?

Please donate today and help us reach our $30,000 fundraising goal this holiday season.


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