Project Alianza Launches #GiveFirst Campaign

We drink it every morning, but do we think about where our coffee comes from? Over two million children in the remote coffeelands of Latin America can’t get to school, and with deep-seated issues like climate change, gang violence, and migration policy at play in the region, children are in crucial need of support and empowerment. Locked in a poverty cycle, their hands are needed to pick coffee, not to pick up pencils.   

Together, we can change that.


“Everyone deserves the right to fall in love with learning.”

- Kristin Van Busum

When you #GiveFirst, you are empowering a child to read her first book, equipping a teacher with her first classroom, and building a community their first school. By giving children the tools they need to take those first steps on the path of lifelong learning, we can help their generation break the cycle of poverty.

When you #GiveFirst, you are a crucial member of this Alliance of Advocates for education.

Starting in Nicaragua, Project Alianza has helped give education to over 2,000 children and employment to over 30 people, largely women. This holiday season, we are raising $50K to expand to other Latin American countries with our #GiveFirst campaign

Project Alianza recognizes a hopeful future for children in the remote coffeelands of Latin America - one where families can feel safe and children can receive an education on their own soil. Please join us in support of that future and #GiveFirst

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