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Why the coffeelands?



Bringing children from isolation to education.


Nicaraguan coffee is grown in the most remote of regions: on top of rolling hills and mountains in isolated cloud forests. Hidden beneath the beauty of the coffeelands is a profound lack of access to a safe and quality education for even the youngest of children. The scarcity of opportunity keeps these remote communities trapped in a cycle of poverty.


With your help, we’re changing that.

For $5 a week –– the cost of your favorite latte –– you can gift the child of a coffee picker access education and opportunities previously unknown in this region.


Education as a solution to a unique problem.

The challenges of the coffeelands communities are set to grow as climate change dramatically reduces the plantable area for coffee. Within one generation, opportunities will become more scarce, but even today coffee picking doesn’t always allow workers to earn a living wage.

The good news? Coffee is typically grown and picked on large estate farms and in cooperatives. By forming alliances with these coffee growers, we’re able to use existing buildings on donated lands to educate kids within their communities. This means that more of your donation goes directly to educating kids and employing their teachers rather than buying land or building infrastructure from scratch. These alliances further enable us to authentically serve each community’s unique needs.


Meet Carlos

Carlos is 13 years old and only has a first grade education. For a full four years, Carlos could not attend school because it was too far to walk and the daily cost of transportation was more than his family could afford. When Project Alianza built a new school on a nearby coffee farm, Carlos returned to the classroom and is now moving ahead with his education.

For children like Carlos, Project Alianza is the difference between picking coffee or picking up pencils.


Because every child deserves an education.