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Education is more than school.

It promotes gender equality and health, combats climate change and is the path out of poverty.

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Cultivating a strong reading habit among our students will not only put them on par with their urban peers but foster students’ imagination and self-learning. That’s why we spend 80 more hours of development classes. After a year in our e-learning pilot program, 70% of participating 1st graders can read and write short passages at grade level.

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Education is our mission, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’ve established partnerships with seven farms, two communities, and two health clinics. These clinics are essential for keeping children healthy and in school. That’s why 100% of our students have access to drinking water, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes at school. In addition, every student receives classes in handwashing and oral hygiene. By mobilizing local medical professionals, we’ve been able to conduct 693 screenings for parasites and worms this past year.

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Project Alianza built 3 schools since 2016 creating employment for community members and using local recycled materials. Combating climate change requires sustainable practices like using local resources, but it also requires empowering the people to implement practices that lead to a more sustainable future. Project Alianza is an women run organization and focuses on educating girls because educated women are less likely to drop out of school due to early pregnancies, they have fewer and healthier children-this has proven to be one of the most effect ways of curbing climate change.

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We alone can’t put books in student’s hands, prevent disease, and combat climate change. But with our allies – local farmers, communities, government, and YOU – we’re able to give more and more children what they deserve; a quality education.

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