Families should not have to choose between quality education and survival.


Many families migrate during the peak coffee harvest season to seek additional work, isolating children from public schools and increasing the risk of child labor.

We partner with large coffee farms and local teachers to provide high quality education for children in remote coffee villages and collaborate with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to implement primary school curriculum and educational activities year round. We provide teachers with adequate supplies, including books, computers, and healthy food. 


Bridge Program

We offer year round educational programs so migrant children have the opportunity to experience a structured learning environment as well.


Healthy Kids

Children are provided with two healthy meals per day, doctor visits, and learn about nutrition as well as effective handwashing and hygiene skills. 


Life Skills

We work with educational experts in the U.S. to implement brain-based programming to help children develop skills needed for personal and job success.


Family Involvement

 We provide workshops, conduct home visits in the community to develop rapport  and engage families as partners in their child’s education.  

Community Involvement

We work with large coffee farms to create a formal school on-site to ensure children have access to a safe and quality learning environment.